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Pro Wash Products

Pro Wash

100 ml, 250 ml, 1500ml

Pro Wash is a concentrated, unscented special detergent for a particularly gentle cleaning of functional clothing such as Gore-Tex®, down and fleece products. Based on renewable raw materials.

Pro Wash

  • Optimises the breathability of functional materials.
  • Reduces the pilling of fleece as compared with conventional detergents.
  • Can be washed out without leaving any residues.
  • Environmentally-friendly detergent, based on renewable raw materials.
  • Contains no fabric softeners, bleaching agents or whiteners.
  • Acts like a stain remover if it is applied on heavy stains prior to washing.
  • Biodegradable in accordance with EC Regulation No.648/2004.

Application note

Wash article as recommended by the care label information, adding Pro Wash. Then rinse thoroughly. Pro Wash is a concentrate. Please use it sparingly! We recommend depending on water hardness 15 – 35 ml Pro Wash for one wash load. If applied directly to
stains and heavy soiling, Pro Wash has the effect of a stain remover.

Water hardness:

Soft: 25ml
Medium: 35ml
Hard: 40ml
Hand wash: 25ml