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We want to make a contribution to a nature that is worth living in. In doing so our products help people discover nature and enjoy it as recreation place. Various aspects regarding environmental soundness play a significant role here.

Fluorine chemicals have recently become the object of harsh criticism. Many fluorine products are produced with perfluorinated tensides (PFT) as auxiliary agent. PFT are considered non-degradable in nature. They are bioaccumulative, which means that they can be absorbed by humans and animals and accumulate in their organs. PFT are toxic and are suspected to cause cancer.

In our Fibertec BlueLine products we only use special C6 fluorine agents of the newest generation. They are significantly more environmentally friendly than C8 agents used in conventional mass-produced goods, do not contain any PFT and are not bioaccumulative.

Furthermore, we offer an impregnation agent series – the Green Line – which is free of fluorine agents and contains an active agent on the basis of polyurethane dendrimers. These products do not cause any damage to the environment, they are not bioaccumulative and do not leave any persistent residues in their biological degradation.

For our aerosols we use an elaborate two-compartment system. In this system the impregnation agent is located in a special bag inside the aerosol can. The can is filled with compressed air and sprays completely without any propellants. This system not only reduces the burden on the environment but also allows the cans to spray even when they are upside down.