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Produktabbildung Down Wash

Down Wash

100 ml, 250ml

Down Wash is a concentrated, unscented special detergent for a particularly gentle cleaning of sleeping bags and garments with down fillings. Based

Down Wash

  • Optimises the loft of down feathers and thereby the insulation properties of the filling.
  • Reduces the pilling of fleece as compared with conventional detergents.
  • Can be washed out without leaving any residues.
  • Environmentally-friendly detergent, based on renewable raw materials.
  • Contains no fabric softeners, bleaching agents or whiteners.
  • Biodegradable in accordance with EC Regulation No.648/2004

Application note

Wash sleeping bag or garment in washing machine or bathtub according to care label information, adding Down Wash. Rinse thoroughly after laundering.


1. fill machine with max. 2,5kg
2. 35 ml Down Wash for one wash load