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Cotton Guard Products

Cotton Guard

1000 ml, 2500 ml

Cotton Guard is a special impregnation agent for
cotton fabrics and cotton blended fabrics
(cotton percentage > 50%). It is particularly suitable for
the impregnation of cotton tents, tarpaulins, awnings, sunshades, folding boats, etc.

Cotton Guard is water-based and does not contain any solvents.

Application note

Shake impregnating agent well before using. Evenly apply Cotton Guard to the cleaned fabric with a sponge or paint roller. Alternatively, Cotton Guard may be sprayed on the fabric. Afterwards, rub the impregnating agent into the fabric with a cloth or sponge to evenly distribute it. If the impregnating agent is applied unevenly, whitish shades may appear. After application, leave the fabric to dry for 24 hours. Make sure that the fabric does not become wet when left to dry. Then test the impregnating effect. If the fabric absorbs water, repeat the procedure. If necessary, re-impregnate at regular intervals.