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Spray-On Waterproofer

Blue Guard Spray-On

500 ml

Fibertec Blue Guard Spray-On contains an entirely new fluorine agent that is significantly more environmentally safe than customary fluorine impregnations. It generates a constantly water-repellent impregnation on all functional materials such as Gore-Tex® and other fabrics.

Blue Guard Spray-On

  • does not change the feel, breathability or colour of the material.
  • is water-based.
  • is not merely water-repellent, but also oil-repellent and stain-resistant.
  • is not bioaccumulative.
  • does not contain PFOS or PFOA.


Application note

Shake bottle well before using. First wash clothes with Fibertec Pro-Wash. The washed clothes may be impregnated either when damp or dry. For this hang up the clothes in bath or shower tub. Spray Blue Guard Spray On onto the textile and then evenly rub it into the fabric with a piece of cloth. Only this way can it be made sure that impregnation is evenly distributed across the fabric. To optimise the impregnation effect, subsequently put the impregnated clothes when damp or dry in the tumble dryer for 30 minutes at normal temperature. Alternatively impregnation may also be optimised with an iron. Iron the textile at level 1 (silk or synthetics). Do not put a piece of cloth between the iron and the textile. The impregnated clothes can be ironed when dry or damp.