Award Recipient

Because of its outstanding ecobalance Fibertec
Green Guard Spray-On
has been awarded at the OutDoor Trade Show located in Friedrichhafen, Germany, with the European OutDoor Industry Award 2009 in the category “Products with high ecological and sustainable values”.

About us

Since our inception we at TEC Trading have always followed two principles: For one thing, we want to offer highest-quality impregnating and care products. This not being enough, we also conduct extensive research on new environmentally friendly and particularly effective technologies.

In the past impregnating agents and environmental soundness have often been a contradiction – we want to combine them.

We cooperate closely with various raw material suppliers. This gives us access to particularly environmentally friendly active agents.

We also set standards for the environmental soundness of our products. For instance, an elaborate two-compartment system in our aerosol cans ensures that these cans spray with compressed air and without any propellants.

For social and ecological reasons we produce our products exclusively in Germany and the Netherlands.

Aerosol cans that spray with compressed air and particularly environmentally friendly active agents require special raw materials and production and processing procedures, which are more elaborate and of a higher quality than mass-produced goods, which are less environmentally friendly. We are confident that the efforts for more environmental soundness and sustainability are worthwhile.